Interesting Facts about 8 Ball Pool

Technology has made a lot of things possible not only in scientific research but also in the gaming industry resulting to which the billiards game has entered the mobile phone, and computers and can be easily played as and when you want. Now, you might have played 8 Ball Pool several times, but you may not be aware of certain intriguing things about the game.

In this article, we will learn various interesting and factual truths related to the terminology used in the game and certain other things as well.

Facts related to the terms used in the game

  • The word ‘cue’ is derived from the French word ‘queue’. 
  • The game of Billiards was played with a mace, which increased the level of difficulty for shots if they were close to the guard rail, so the game participants would turn the mace around and use the narrow ‘queue’ which means ‘tail’ end.
  • The term “scratch” which implies, when a player accidentally pockets the cue ball, comes from the early days of pool, whereas a fine for such an action, a point was ‘scratched’ off the players’ score.
  • An “English” shot is a label used for putting a spin on the ball, whereas in Britain this is called a “side” shot. While visiting the USA, English players showed the spin shot to American players; hence the term came to America.
  • A “bank shot” is the one when a player makes a shot that bounces the ball off the side rail. Since the tables featured rails that were flat walls and looked like riverbanks in the early days of billiards, they were called “banks”.

Some Interesting and Amazing facts that you might not be aware of

  • You can enable the vibrating mode in the game settings. Whenever you are multitasking, and at that time the opponent cue has changed, then the device will vibrate to remind you that it’s your turn.
  • If the cue control is susceptible, then it will get difficult for you to hit the target. So in the setting of this game, you can adjust the sensitivity according to your control.
  • In this game, you have to pot the black ball closer so that you need less time to hit the shot. Only you have to enable the tap to aim option I. Your game settings. So that every time you want to hit the target tap on the ball you are targeting. And just in a blink, the cue will reposition accordingly.
  • There is an option through which you can play this game offline without following the guidelines. Go to settings and deactivate the Guideline in offline mode option.
  • If you are the person who gets distracted by chats that come when you play 8 ball pool online then here you can go to settings and ignore chat messages and then enjoy your win peacefully.


Hope you enjoyed these lesser-known facts about the game and all the information would now help you to understand the technicalities of the game along with their background.