Creation of 8 Ball Quick Fire Pool

evolution of 8 ball pool

8 Ball Pool has come a long way. It was introduced in 2008 by Miniclip as “8 Ball Quick Fire Pool” for PC and it became an instant hit.

 Described as a simple variation of the classic 8 Ball Pool game, the primary objective of this PC game was also the same, that is, to pot as many balls as possible before the timer runs out in order to secure a high score; sinking balls adding additional time to the clock.

The game became highly addictive and complex for users and before you know it, it reached 1 million active users becoming the “One of the Most Played Games on Miniclip”.

As Miniclip saw the potential in the game, and shifted the entire game altogether to construct something even more addictive and fun. In October 2010, 8 Ball Pool finally released their game on Mobile platform and the rest is history.

With 500+ million downloads, the recent game launched by Miniclip is the “8 Ball Pool Trickshot” which is a new game based on the same old concept with little difference.

If you have been playing 8 Ball Pool for the longest time and still using the older versions of the game, we have got a few tricks and strategies to improve your game.

Scoring in Old Version

  • You receive 100 points on every ball you pot, and 150 points if you pot the ball without touching the cushion.
  • Expert mode of the game is unlocked once you reach 10,000 points.
  • In Expert mode, you receive 150 and 200 points respectively.

Timing in Old Version

  • The timer of the game begins at 2 minutes and goes down by every second.
  • For each ball you pot in rack1, you get extra 10 seconds. Similarly, you get 9 seconds in rack2 and so on.
  • If you pot the cue ball at any point of time in the game, the timer goes down by 30 seconds.

Score Multiplier in Old Version of 8 Ball Pool

Multiplier means how many points you get after multiplying. For example, 1.5X means, you can get 150 points compared with 100 points a ball. Each time you hit 5 balls; the multiplier increases by 0.5X.

  • For every 5 consecutive pots, the multiplier goes up by 0.5.
  • If you miss a pot in between or pot the cue ball, the multiplier goes down by 0.5X.

Tips & Tricks: 8 Ball Quick Fire Pool

tips and tricks 8 ball quick fire pool
  • Do not miss out on the timer. Keep a check and try to keep up with the timer.
  • Try to pot consecutive balls, so that the multiplier goes up.
  • Even if you seem to miss a pot, don’t take a chance of potting the cue ball. It will only make you lose more time.
  • Try to get maximum increase in time in the first racks itself. This will ensure more time for further racks.
  • You don’t always have to aim at the center. Instead, aim at the sides, so that the balls move at an angle.
  • Don’t increase the release power unnecessarily. The ball should be potted at a lower power even if there is a slight deviation in your aim. If you shoot the ball near the hole at a higher power, you still have a chance to lose the pot.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why are my coins going down, even when I am winning?

  • Turn off the Auto-Recharge for the cues you are using
  • Click on the cues menu and tap on any cue you own
  • A menu that appears underneath in the form of a slider either enables or disables the Auto-Recharge. To disable it, just slide it to red and it’s done!

Q. Can I practice alone?

  • If you’re practicing on mobile, you can play for 25 coins
  • There is no practice mode on Web, but you can play the older version – 8 Ball Quick Fire Pool

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