Tips and Tricks for 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool is an online billiard based gaming platform which has gained popularity among gamers. Now, several tricks help in the positive progression of the game, and you can also win games if you apply these.

In this article, we will learn various tips and tricks for 8 Ball Pool which will help you in knowing how you can convert your losing streak into a winning streak.

First, let us learn a few tricks here related to the game

Know your game

It always helps you with a lot of things if you know your game and its rules properly as it helps in avoiding errors and smoothly progressing into the game. For your reference we have listed a few major ones below:

  1. If a ball does not hit the edge around the table, that shot is a foul. It lets your competitor move the cue ball to whichever position they want, on the table.
  2. In an attempt to pot the black ball if the cue ball also goes down, you lose the game. Therefore, it is always better to look at the cueball’s guideline when you’re lining up the last shot.
  3. Pot the black eight ball at last, after all your other balls have been pocketed.
  4. When you pot the 8 Ball you are required to pocket it in the called pocket, potting the eight ball into an uncalled pocket will result in an instant loss.
  5. Potting the 8 Ball from the break-off shot is not a foul. The 8 Ball will be replaced on the table, and chance passes to the other player.

Open the app every day

You get one free spin every day on the Spin and Win lever. These spins are free and can win coins, cash, or also mystery boxes which allow you to build better pool cues. Though you can always purchase more spins, this is an easy trick for you to start stocking up your coin and cash collection without even playing a single round of pool.

Extend your aim

Once your shot is lined up, just hold the straight edge between the aiming lines and the pocket you want to put your ball into, to have a better idea if your aim is accurate. Make sure you do this quickly because the time runs out with every ticking of the clock.

Here are some tips for the 8 Ball Pool players

Tips for Coins

When you collect free coins, never spend the scattered amount and wait till it becomes a big amount. Now, this big amount can be utilized to buy the best cue. Once you get the best cue, one of your biggest work is already done.

Tips related to strategy for hitting a ball


Try to use a criss-cross strategy which means that once you hit a ball, hit it in such a way that it will bring the other ball closer to the pocket so that it is easy for you to hit it again and hence pocket all your balls easily.


Since there are several ways to hit the shot you can hit it in the listed three best possible ways which are listed below

  1. You can either hit it as fast as possible.
  2. Take the hit as slow as possible.
  3. The third method is to hit it neither too slow nor too fast. Hitting a shot smoothly will let the pool ball enter the pocket smoothly. It is a known trick by all the masters of the game that smooth shots tend to outperform quick shots.